Friday Catch Up – 9 May 2014

NCTL publishes research on Headteachers’ performance management

The National College for Teaching and Leadership recently released a report on research it had commissioned into the effective performance management of Headteachers. The report contains a good summary of the process of performance management and suggestions of good practice and you can use this link to access it Headteacher performance: effective management

The researchers have identified 20 ‘challenges’ which face governing bodies and provide recommendations on how to tackle them.  While for many governors the challenges will be well understood, the document does set them out in one place: these include setting objectives which knit together individual and school development; identifying and interpreting appropriate performance information; mutual respect and trust, and clear roles; and developing the capacity of the Governing body with regards to Headteacher performance management (HTPM). The report says that some of the hardest things to manage are how to identify and tackle under performance and how to reward system leadership.

At the end of the report is a list of what the researchers have identified as the ten characteristics of effective HTPM.

Pupil premium awards for the next two years

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, and the Schools Minister, David Laws, announced the 2015 and 2016 Pupil Premium Awards last week.  These are an opportunity to showcase innovative and effective practice and to give public recognition to schools that are excelling in raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.  Up to 500 schools will receive prizes. There will be a top prize of £250,000 for secondary schools and £100,000 for primary and special schools.  In addition there are regional awards and smaller ‘qualifier’ awards (for up to 300 primary and 100 secondary schools.

The assessment criteria have been changed to so that the awards reflect sustained improvement over time in raising attainment of disadvantaged pupils.  To win the larger prizes, schools will need to provide evidence of implementing effective strategies to improve achievement.

The 2015 Pupil Premium Awards are being run by the Department for Education in partnership with TES. Schools can find out more about the 2015 Pupil Premium Awards at  The awards ceremony will be held in March 2015.