The Clerk to the Governing body plays an important role in the efficient and effective operation of the Governing body. In addition to clerking governing body meetings the Clerk provides advice to the Governing body on governance, constitutional and procedural matters and provides effective administrative support to all aspects of the Governing body’s work.

Jacqui Sugden provides the following services:

  • Clerking Governing body meetings: providing professional clerking support for up to six meetings of the Governing body per year
  • Maintenance of Governing body membership records: ensuring appropriate statutory record keeping and a register of interests
  • Training and Advice: one-to-one Governor induction training, facilitation of Governing body self evaluation, analysis of Governing body skills audits and advice for members of the Governing body

Jacqui will be your dedicated named clerk and will be the single point of contact for all governance related queries and advice.  She provides one-to-one Governor induction and facilitates Governing body self evaluation sessions.