Friday Catch Up – 6 June 2014

Will bringing school inspections in-house drive up standards at Ofsted?  Ofsted has announced that from September 2015, it will no longer contract with Inspection Service Providers (ISPs) for the delivery of school inspections.  All inspections of schools and colleges will be managed in-house to give the watchdog more control over selection, training and quality control.  The move follows claims that too many inspectors “lack the necessary skills” or experience to make fair judgments about the education system.

Piloting new approach to recording evidence about the quality of teaching during inspection – It was announced earlier this week that from 9 June 2014, Ofsted is piloting a new approach to the recording of evidence about the quality of teaching during some school inspections.  You can find out more about the pilot here: Inspecting without grading teaching in each individual lesson

Ofqual getting rid of ‘soft’ subjects – Ofqual has announced plans to axe GCSEs and A-levels in 24 subjects, including home economics and engineering.  The regulator has published a list of courses to be scrapped within three years over concerns they lack academic rigour.  Ofqual has also told exam boards that they must radically toughen up 73 other courses including ancient history, business studies, classical civilisation, economics, general studies, law, media studies and psychology.