Friday Update – 17 October 2014

This week we highlight how Secondary schools can plan for the introduction of the new Progress 8 school performance measure and take a look at newly released data from the Department for Education on the 2014 Phonics Screening Check and Key Stage 1 assessments.

The Department for Education has published details of how schools can plan for the introduction of the new Progress 8 school performance measure. Progress 8 will be introduced for all schools in 2016. This means that the performance tables based on 2016 exam results (to be published in late 2016/early 2017) will show the Progress 8 results. Progress 8 will also be used for floor standards from 2016.

Schools will receive ‘shadow data’ showing their Progress 8 score based on 2014 results. This information will not be used for accountability purposes or included in performance tables, but should help schools to consider their curriculum and teaching in light of the accountability reforms.

The Department for Education this week released statistical data providing final 2013 and provisional 2014 information on the achievements of pupils in the phonics screening check and teacher assessments at the end of KS1.

The 2014 figures combine information gathered through the school census in January 2014 with the 2014 phonics and Key Stage 1 attainment data. Information is provided at national and local authority level enabling schools to benchmark results against national and local authority attainment.

The phonics screening check was introduced in 2012. It’s a statutory assessment for all children in Year 1 to check whether they have reached the expected standard in phonic decoding. Those pupils who did not meet the standard in Year 1 or who were not tested are re-checked at the end of Year 2.

National curriculum assessments at the end of KS1 are made through teacher assessments to measure pupils’ attainment against the levels set by the national curriculum. The national curriculum standards have been designed so that by the end of KS1, pupils are expected to reach Level 2.