Schools now required to publish Governors’ information – Friday 8 July 2016

This week the DfE has clarified the information schools need to provide for the national database of governors from 1 September, the Key Stage 2 SATs results have been released and the Secretary of State has proposed Amanda Spielman as the new head of Ofsted.

All schools are required to provide information for the national database of governors
The DfE has recently issued a statement clarifying that the requirement for governors’ details to be published on the Edubase website must be met by 1 September 2016. Edubase is the DfE’s open-access register of educational establishments in England and Wales.

Between now and 1 September all state schools must give Edubase information about their governors. Governing bodies of maintained schools have to supply all of the required information, whilst most academies have an easier job as the Government already holds a lot of what is required and has populated their entries with it. Academies will however need to check that what is published is correct and fill in any blanks. Both academies and maintained schools are required to keep the information up to date.

Most of the information required will be available to the public on Edubase, but some is only for use by the DfE and a number of officials such as Regional Schools Commissioners. For the public part the following information is required:

  • the full name of each governor
  • the body that appointed them
  • the date of their appointment
  • the date their term of office ends, or ended if they ceased to be a governor during the current school year
  • for maintained schools, whether they are the Chair of Governors or a member of the Governing body, and for academies whether they are a trust member, a trustee, the Chair of Trustees, or a local governor on a local governing body

At the same time the following details must be given for each governor, which will not be made public:

  • their postcode
  • their date of birth
  • any previous names
  • their nationality
  • the Chair’s email address must also be given

From September the requirement for academies to supply this information will be in the Academies Financial Handbook and for maintained schools the specific duty will be spelled out in the September edition of the Governance Handbook.

Key stage 2 results for 2016 published
National results published this week for the new, tougher primary school testing system in Maths and English, confirmed that 53% of pupils had met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths.

The Government was keen to emphasise that this year’s results were not comparable to test results from previous years which were under an entirely different system of assessment. The Government has also reiterated its intention for a Year 7 resit for those children that didn’t meet the expected standard.

Whilst the Education Secretary has proposed Amanda Spielman as the new head of Ofsted, to replace Sir Michael Wilshaw at the end of the year, she has written to the Education Committee Chair (Neil Carmichael) calling their report, which rejects Ms Spielman as the preferred candidate, “factually wrong”, stating that it reflects a “misconception of the role”.