Labour launches national campaign against grammar school plans – Friday 30 September 2016

This week the Labour Leader announced a campaign to provide inclusive education for all, the DfE published the results of this year’s Phonics Screening Check and Key Stage 1 SATs and I highlight an opportunity for Governors to attend a free seminar  on how to convert to academy status and form and grow a MAT.

Labour Campaign launched against grammar school plans
This week the newly re-elected Labour leader used his victory speech to announce a campaign for “inclusive education for all” that would start with a street demonstration tomorrow, as well as an online and off-line petition, social media campaign, video, mail shots, street stalls and a range of community events over the coming weeks.

The party leader also pledged that if Labour won the next general election, it would introduce an arts Pupil Premium worth £160m of extra funding for schools that would help pupils learn to play instruments, drama, dance and give them regular access to cultural institutions in their local areas.

Phonics Screening Test and Key Stage 1 SATs results
The DfE released data this week on the results of the Phonics Screening Test and Key Stage 1 SATs results.  The proportion of pupils reaching the expected standard in phonics this year was 81% in Year 1 and 91% by the end of Year 2. Figures showed that at the end of Key Stage 1, 74% of pupils achieved the new expected standard in reading, 65% in writing and 73% in maths.

Free Seminar on converting to academy status and how to form and grow a MAT
As we all know the education landscape has changed over the past year and Governors wanting to know more about converting to academy status and how to form and grow a MAT can attend a free seminar on Tuesday 18 October at the Northern Design Centre in Gateshead.

The session led by the Freedom and Autonomy for Schools – National Association (FASNA) includes a review of different MAT models, an overview of the legal processes, changes in roles and responsibilities for governors as well as opportunities for discussion and networking.

For further information and to book your place, please click here.