Updated statutory guidance on the constitution of maintained schools governing bodies – Friday 7 October 2016

This afternoon the DfE published its updated statutory guidance on the constitution of governing bodies of maintained schools.  Key updates include:

  • the requirement of a Disclosure and Barring Service check within 21 days of appointment/election
  • the requirement to supply information to the Secretary of State about those involved in governance via Edubase
  • clarified information on governors’ access to training and the role of the Governing body in addressing the training and development needs of individual governors
  • clarified information on Parent Governors

The new version of the guidance references the DfE’s Governance Competency Framework, which is expected to be published this term.

The DfE also clarifies that Parent Governors have a valuable perspective to offer and are a good source of knowledge about the school. However, parental engagement is a separate activity for which the whole Governing body is responsible.