Tougher Ofsted guidance could be drawn up for better careers advice in schools – Friday 27 January 2017

This week I report on the Government’s plans for a ‘comprehensive careers strategy’, new secondary school resources to help to teach pupils about Brexit and the Article 50 process and new publications from the DfE to support schools to save money on their non-staff spend by improving how they buy goods and services.

Ministers review incentives and consider toughening Ofsted over school careers advice
The Government is to unveil plans for a “comprehensive careers strategy” on Monday, which were initially scheduled for the beginning of 2016. Minister for Skills, Robert Halfon, told a meeting in Parliament on Wednesday that incentives for schools to offer better careers advice will be reviewed by officials, as well as a tougher approach by Ofsted.

The Government expects the strategy to be published later this year as the review of careers advice is still ongoing. The Minister spoke of the need to “raise the prestige of careers guidance” and creating “widespread quality provision”.

Brexit and Article 50 process resource pack
Every secondary school in the UK will receive a resource pack developed by the Bar Council and the Citizenship Foundation to help them teach pupils about Brexit and the Article 50 process. The resources were launched on the day that the UK’s highest court dismissed the Government’s appeal, meaning Parliament will now be required to give its approval before official talks on leaving the EU can begin.

New DfE publications on buying and leasing and subscription services for school equipment

  • Schools Buying Strategy – a new document outlining various initiatives to help all schools improve how they buy goods and services. It is intended to support schools to save over £1 billion a year by 2019-20 on their non-staff spend, allowing them to maximise the resources they can invest in high quality education for their pupils and supporting them in managing cost pressures.
  • Leasing and subscription services for school equipmentnon statutory guidance designed to help schools to select a cost effective solution for their needs and highlight some of the common pitfalls some schools have encountered in the past.