Increasing the number of good and outstanding secondary schools in the North is a top priority identified in a new report– Friday 10 February 2017

This week I highlight the publication of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership’s first report identifying key priorities to increase the impact and contribution of the North to the UK economy, a new teaching resource aimed at preventing abusive behaviours within young people’s relationships and a request from the DfE for feedback on its current financial benchmarking website.



Increasing attainment at 16 and the number of good and outstanding secondary schools identified as priorities in a new report
The first report published by the Northern Powerhouse Partnership (NPP) says improving educational attainment at 16 should be a priority in the development of the Northern Powerhouse and suggests that eliminating the gap with the rest of the UK in the percentage of good and outstanding secondary schools can be done by building on the approach of the Ofsted annual report published last year. A not inconsiderable task given that education in the North East is currently underfunded compared to the rest of the country and the Government’s proposed new national funding formula would only benefit the North East by 0.0058% of the national share of funding.

The NPP is commissioning a group of leading employers and education experts to come together to draw on the latest evidence and thinking, producing reports during this year making specific recommendations for actions which can be pursued in the short, medium and long term to drive change.

Disrespect NoBody Campaign publishes new teaching resources for PSHE
A new teaching resource has been developed by the PSHE Association with the Home Office and Government Equalities Office to support the Disrespect NoBody campaign. The campaign builds on the Government’s previous This is Abuse campaign, and is aimed at preventing abusive behaviours within relationships.

The discussion guides are aimed at young people aged 12-16 with additional guidance on how to use the Disrespect Nobody campaign with young people aged 8-12 and 16-18. The resource features session plans that aim help young people to understand what a healthy relationship is, to challenge their views on abuse and consent and to signpost further advice and resources. It aims to help young people to develop key skills needed to enjoy healthy relationships, such as empathy, respect, communication and negotiation.

DfE request for feedback on its current financial benchmarking websites
The DfE is redesigning the two financial benchmarking websites (Academies financial benchmarking and Maintained schools financial benchmarking) and wants to hear from as many governors and trustees as possible about how they use these websites to inform their understanding about the financial health of their schools. If you’re interested in helping to improve this service, please fill out the user research survey.