Off-rolling schools could be judged ‘inadequate’ – Friday 8 March 2019

This week I report on Ofsted’s confirmation that schools found to be off-rolling could be judged inadequate, the DfE’s desire for all primary schools to provide careers education and free tree saplings for schools from the Woodland Trust.

Ofsted confirms off-rolling schools are likely to be judged ‘inadequate’
This week the TES has reported that Ofsted has said that schools found off-rolling under its new inspection regime are likely to get an “inadequate” judgement for leadership and management and judged to be failing overall.

The inspectorate is planning to tackle off-rolling, where schools remove pupils in order to improve exam results, under its new framework. A spokesperson said: “The draft school inspection handbook makes clear that, if inspectors find off-rolling, leadership and management is likely to be judged inadequate.” “It also says that overall effectiveness is likely to be judged inadequate when any one of the key judgements is inadequate. But this isn’t automatic. Inspectors will have to use their professional judgement when coming to a judgement.”

Careers education for all primary schools
Earlier this week the DfE confirmed it was working with major companies to bring careers education to all primary schools but didn’t indicate when this would roll out. Whilst research shows only 4% of primary schools currently don’t provide any careers education to pupils, the Education Secretary is committed to ensuring this reaches 100% by working with industry professionals.

Woodland Trust: A million saplings to be given to schools
More than a million saplings have been sent out to schools and communities as part of the Woodland Trust’s free trees initiative.

The charity has suggested that there has been a huge increase in the “passion for planting” recently and schools can apply now for trees to be delivered in November 2019.  The charity has also produced an online resource to help schools plan, plant and care for their tree pack. All activities are linked to the KS1 and KS2 curriculum. They include a planning tool, planting advice and interactive quizzes.