Key points from Shadow Education Secretary’s Labour Party conference speech – Friday 27 September 2019

This week I report on the key points the Shadow Education Secretary announced at the Labour Party Conference, the publication of the Early years foundation stage profile results for 2017/18 and the publication of provisional Phonics screening check and KS1 assessments in England for 2019.

Shadow Education Secretary’s key points from the Labour Party conference
In a short speech in Brighton last week, Ms Rayner announced a number of policies that her party would enact if it wins power in a forthcoming general election as follows:

  • Integration of private schools – but no commitment on asset seizing. In government Labour would set its new Social Justice Commission to work “on making the whole education system fairer through the integration of private schools”.
  • No opt-out for equality – on relationships and sex education Labour would back headteachers who follow the rules, adding that there would be “no opt-out for equality”.
  • Scrapping Ofsted – a new system of peer review would deliver school improvement, led by experts in schools, who could achieve more working together for the common good. Also a new, independent body would ensure every provider from nursery to college delivered the education that was the right of every citizen.
  • School uniform price cap – a pledge to end the “spiralling cost of school uniforms and equipment”, by introducing a price cap.

Publication of Early years foundation stage profile results for 2017 to 2018
The information provides details on the percentage of children achieving each assessment rating in the early learning goals; the percentage of children achieving at least the expected level in the prime areas of learning and in the specific areas of literacy and mathematics (a good level of development); the average total points score across all the early learning goals (the supporting measure) and the percentage of children achieving at least the expected level within the communication and language, and literacy areas of learning.

Additional tables provide national and local-authority-level information on EYFSP attainment by pupil characteristics.

Publication of provisional Phonics screening check and key stage 1 assessments in England
The statistics show provisional 2019 phonics and key stage 1 (KS1) results for pupils in schools in England at different levels, including:

  • national
  • regional
  • local authority
  • local authority district

The results are grouped by pupil characteristics and the publication includes phonics results in year 1 and by the end of year 2, and KS1 teacher assessment for reading, writing, maths and science. Please note that 2019 KS1 results in reading, maths and science are not comparable to 2018 due to changes to the teacher assessment frameworks. Results in writing are only comparable to 2018 and not previous years.