Conservative Party education manifesto pledges – Friday 29 November 2019

This week I report on the publication of the Conservative party’s education pledges and updated information from DfE on the Buying for Schools service on securing supply, agency and temporary workers.

Conservative Party manifesto pledges
The Prime Minister Boris Johnson launched the Conservative manifesto for the 2019 General Election last weekend and the key pledges relating to education are detailed below:

  • £7.1bn a year more for schools in England by 2022-23
  • £250m a year, for at least three years, plus a £250m capital spending boost for “wraparound” childcare – meaning after school or during holidays
  • £2bn for further education colleges and establish 20 Institutes of Technology
  • A new National Skills Fund of £600m a year for five years
  • Increase teacher starting salaries to £30,000 and overall teachers’ salaries

Surprisingly, yesterday Mr Johnson also announced he wanted to change the way in which schools were inspected with a pilot of ‘snap’ no notice inspections if the Conservatives form the next government.  At present, schools are notified of Ofsted’s intention to visit at around noon on the working day before the start of the inspection.

Updated information on DfE’s Buying for Schools service
This week the DfE updated its information on using the online service for securing supply, agency and temporary workers.  This is part of the DfE’s suite of information providing advice on buying goods and services for schools to help them get value for money.