Revised primary school testing this year – Friday 11 December 2020

This week I report on revised primary school testing requirements for this year, the DfE’s announcement that school laptop allocations will be restored to original levels and consultation on KCSIE statutory guidance for September 2021 has been launched.

Revised primary school testing requirements this year
Key Stage 1 – no SATs in Reading, Maths or the voluntary grammar, punctuation and spelling test. No requirement to teacher assess, or report, on science. Year 1 and Year 2 (where appropriate) Phonics screening checks timetable is extended by one week to 25 June.

Key Stage 2 – no grammar, punctuation or spelling tests. No requirement to teacher assess, or report, on science. The introduction of the Year 4 multiplication tables check will be delayed a further year. The end of KS2 SATs tests timetable extended by one week to May 26.

EYFS profile – the profile is the method through which pupils’ development and learning is assessed in Reception. This week the Government has confirmed that for pupils turning five this academic year the profile will need to be completed by schools.

School laptop allocations restored
Yesterday the DfE confirmed school laptop allocations, which were reduced by 80% last month, would now be returned to ‘original levels’ due to improved flow of stock internationally. If a school needed to make another claim before Christmas, they would be awarded their full allocation then. If not, they would get their full allocation after Christmas, regardless of whether they experienced further disruption.

Consultation on KCSIE 2021 opens
Yesterday the DfE launched a consultation on Keeping Children Safe in Education for September 2021. The consultation runs until 4 March 2021 and many of the proposed changes are technical in nature. They are intended to improve the clarity of the guidance and ensure consistency throughout. A list with an explanation of all the proposed substantive changes is set out at Annex G of the draft guidance.