NGA Annual Governance Survey – Friday 7 May 2021

This week I encourage you all to complete the NGA’s annual governance survey and note the DfE has updated its guidance on improving school attendance.

NGA Governance Survey
Add your views and experiences to the biggest annual survey of school governors and trustees. The NGA wants to understand your experience of volunteering, your views on topical education policy and your insight into your governing body’s practice.

Depending on the answers you give, the survey will take around 20 minutes to complete. Once you have started the survey, you can save and return to your answers whenever you like before submitting them. If you govern on more than one governing body, choose your answers based on the governing body you have been a part of the longest. Please use this link to complete the survey and note it is open until Thursday 10 June at 9am.

Updated guidance to help schools improve attendance
The DfE has updated its guidance for schools and local authorities on improving school attendance.

The guidance sets out the principles underpinning an effective whole school strategy for attendance, with targeted actions for all pupils, pupils at risk of poor attendance and pupils who are persistently absent. It also outlines what commitment to improving attendance looks like across the school community, beginning with leadership and management and requires governing bodies to have an accurate view of school attendance and engaging in escalation procedures where appropriate.