Free resources to help reduce avoidable exclusions – Friday 10 September 2021

This week I highlight free resources on reducing avoidable exclusions, confirmation from DfE that permanent exclusions meetings can continue to be held remotely if required and information on the requirements in the pupil premium strategy statement for this year.

Reducing avoidable exclusions: resources for governing bodies and schools
Throughout 2021 Governors for Schools, in partnership with Allen & Overy, has been running a campaign to highlight the rise in exclusions in English state schools in recent years. They have developed and brought together a range of free resources to help governors understand the issue in their school and explore and advocate alternatives to exclusion where appropriate. Please use this link to access the resources.

School suspensions and permanent exclusions
All suspensions (fixed term) and permanent exclusions occurring between 25 September 2021 and 24 March 2022 (inclusive of those dates) are subject to temporary arrangements with regards to the use of remote access technology for meetings of governing bodies or independent review panels. This is a contingency measure should there be any further public health restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19 that might make it difficult for meetings to be held in person within the normal statutory timescales.

Any such meetings should still take place within the normal statutory timescales described in the statutory guidance.

Pupil premium in the 2021 to 2022 academic year
As in previous years schools continue to use the pupil premium to improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. For this academic year schools are required to use their recovery premium alongside their pupil premium funding and report on their use of them as a single sum in their strategy statement.

The DfE has provided a template schools should use to publish their strategy statement by 31 December, as this will give schools time to take the needs of their new intake into account.

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