Plans for an education white paper next year – Friday 8 October 2021

This week I report on a new education white paper to tackle innumeracy and illiteracy and a £3k level up premium to send teachers to areas that need it.

Education Secretary plans a white paper for next year
In a speech at the Conservative Party conference on Monday, the Education Secretary pledged a white paper for 2022 which would outline plans to “tackle innumeracy and illiteracy”. He didn’t go into great detail about the intentions of the white paper and instead referred to existing plans, including “up to six million packages of tutoring in schools this parliament” and a promise made in June 2021 to fund 500,000 teacher training opportunities.

£3k level up premium
On Wednesday the Prime Minister announced the government will offer a “levelling up premium” of up to £3k to send the “best” maths and science teachers to areas that “need them the most”.

The Conservative party said the payments would target teachers in the first five years of their career in maths, physics, chemistry and computing – the four subjects facing the “greatest supply challenges”.