Free webinars from Governors for Schools– Friday 21 January 2022

This week I highlight three free webinars from Governors for Schools and the lifting of the Covid Plan B restrictions.

Upcoming webinars from Governors for Schools
Three free webinars are being offered this half term as follows:

On 27 January from 8-9 am – How do we govern the school curriculum?
With Ofsted having resumed inspections, Governors for Schools in conjunction with Better Governor are focusing this webinar on what governors need to know (and what they do not) to provide strong strategic oversight of their school’s curriculum offer. The session will clarify the statutory elements of the curriculum and suggest questions governors can ask to provide constructive challenge.

On 1 February – How governors can ensure a skills-based education prepares pupils for the world of work (Primary focus) from 12.30-1 pm and (Secondary focus) from 1.30-2 pm
Both seminars will look at what schools should be offering in terms of careers and work readiness education and how governors can ensure that skills are being developed across the curriculum that will support pupils in the future world of work.

If you would like to take part please use this link to go to the Governors for Schools website to register.

COVID-19 Plan B restrictions lifted
The Prime Minister announced this week that Plan B measures will be removed in England and lifted its recommendation that masks be worn in secondary classrooms, with rules requiring coverings to be worn in indoor communal areas no longer applying from Thursday 27 January.