EEF research on the impact of Covid on Reception pupils – Friday 20 May 2022

This week I highlight a new EEF report on the impact of Covid on Reception pupils, the publication of the DfE’s response to the consultation on RPA proposed car insurance and a cyber-security audit for schools to complete from the National Cyber Security Centre and the London Grid for Learning.

Research finds Reception pupils are falling behind after the pandemic
A new report from the Education Endowment Foundation has found that four and five year olds were less likely to meet the expected levels of development in 2021 than they were before the pandemic.

Using a sample of early years foundation stage data, the researchers looked at the impact of the pandemic on the development of children who were in Reception class for the 2020/21 school year, which began six months after the first Covid lockdown. The findings showed the proportion of children in their sample reaching the expected levels in all areas – communication and language; physical development; literacy; maths; and personal, social and emotional development – was 59% in 2021, compared with 72% for the 2019 cohort. This difference is equivalent to three more children in every classroom not reaching the expected levels by the end of the school year.

RPA consultation proposal published
The DfE has published the response to its consultation on Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) proposed motor vehicle cover rather than schools using commercial insurance and you can read the outcome in full here.

Schools prompted to complete a cyber-security audit
Schools are being prompted to complete the cyber-security schools audit 2022. The audit has been launched by The National Cyber Security Centre and the London Grid for Learning to assess the risks to schools in the light of increasing numbers of cyber-attacks and the rapid expansion of school IT networks to cope with the demand for remote learning while responding to COVID-19. Schools are being asked to complete the survey to ensure the DfE has the data it needs to support schools and the deadline for completion is Tuesday 31 May 2022.