Consultation on timescales for reviewing EHCPs – Friday 17 June 2022

This week I highlight a DfE consultation on timescales for reviewing EHCPs, the publication of the draft School Admission Appeals Code, which following Parliamentary approval will come into effect from 1 October and the updated DfE School Resource Management strategy which confirms there will be some training in financial oversight for governors/trustees.

DfE consultation on timescales for reviewing EHCPs
The DfE is consulting on whether LAs should have an additional four weeks after review meetings to finalise any changes they propose to an EHC plan, and if they should have to circulate material for a review meeting a week earlier than is currently required. The deadline to respond is 10 August 2022.

Draft School Admission Appeals Code
Following a consultation which took place from February to April this year the DfE has now published its draft School admission appeals code 2022.  The code is set to come into effect from 1 October, subject to parliamentary approval.

The Code enables some of the flexibilities that were introduced through temporary regulations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to continue (with suitable adaptations) permanently. However it will not allow a panel of two to decide appeals in circumstances where the third member has to withdraw. 

Updated School Resource Management strategy
This new updated strategy features plans to save money, including support to help reduce energy and water usage, cyber-attack insurance, and investing in financial training for school leaders, school business professionals and governors/trustees.