DfE School Governance update – Friday 1 July 2022

This week I highlight the latest DfE School Governance update, a Governors for Schools webinar on the 2022 KCSIE statutory guidance, an update on the Schools Bill and the launch of a regulatory review to ensure there is an effective system of regulation and accountability for a trust-led schools system.

Latest DfE Governance update
The July school governance update provides information on the recently released white paper and SEND green paper, updated guidance on education recovery support, statutory safeguarding guidance which comes into effect in September 2022. The update also invites governors to a series of training webinars on the financial position of school and enabling governing bodies to support school finance teams.

Governors for Schools webinar on the new Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance on Thursday, 14 July 2022 from 8-9 am
The session will explore the guidance and key amendments that governors should be aware of, as well as how we govern safeguarding from September 2022.  Please use this link to go to the Governors for Schools website to register.

Update on the Schools Bill
This week the Government has scrapped key elements of the schools bill. In a letter to peers, Academies Minister Baroness Barran said that the government would “remove clauses 1 to 4 and schedule one from the bill”. These clauses relate to academy regulation and a proposed power for the government to set wide-ranging new standards for academies. The removal of clauses 5 to 18, which relate to how academy funding agreements are terminated, is also being supported by the government. A DfE spokesperson has said that the department is “supporting the temporary removal of clauses 1 to 18 from the bill, in advance of bringing back revised clauses later in the bill’s passage through parliament”. 

Government launches Regulatory Review
The government has launched the regulatory review promised in March’s schools white paper. The review is intended to ensure that an effective system of regulation and accountability exists for a trust-led schools system.

Questions under consideration include the standards which trusts will be required to meet, and how intervention in trusts will work in the situations where these standards are not met. The review will also consider the DfE’s approach to delivering the envisaged trust-led system, both how to support the growth of existing strong trusts, and how and when to commission new MATs.

The review has been tasked with providing recommendations for both the short and long term and will conclude by the end of 2022.