Safeguarding update – Friday 7 September 2018

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This week I provide details on safeguarding updates that happened during the summer, the publication of the Government’s response to the Select Committees report on the children and young people’s mental health green paper and the production of DfE documents designed to provide help and support for schools to reduce cost pressures.

Safeguarding update
Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) guidance was updated earlier in the year, and on Monday this week the changes came into effect. Updated Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance also came into effect over the Summer.

In late August the DfE announced that a new national response unit will be established to help local authorities support vulnerable children at risk of exploitation by criminal gangs.

On 31 August, revisions to the ‘Disqualification under the Childcare Act 2006’ came into effect, meaning that schools are no longer required to establish whether a member of staff is disqualified by association.

Government response to the select committees report on the children and young people’s mental health green paper
Just after the end of last academic year the Government published its response to the joint report of the Education and Health and Social Care Committees on ‘Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision: a green paper’.  It rejected the Committees’ assertion that the plans lacked ambition in terms of scale and pace, indicating recruiting and training a cadre of new staff to form teams would take time.

Supporting excellent school resource management
The DfE has produced a document Supporting excellent school resource management which summarises the help and support it provides to help schools reduce costs and get value for money.  Supporting excellent school resource management: strategy has also been published which aims to provide schools with practical advice on how to reduce the £10 billion non-staffing spend spent across England last year.