Future Talent Fund cancelled – Friday 14 September 2018

This week I report on the cancelling of the DfE’s Future Talent Fund, updated guidance on school attendance and a report from the Commission on Religious Education suggesting RE should be renamed Religion and Worldviews.

£18m ‘future talent fund’ cancelled
The Government has cancelled a key strand of its social mobility action plan, withdrawing £18 million of funding that would have helped secondary schools improve the performance of the brightest disadvantaged pupils.

The future talent fund was unveiled by former education secretary Justine Greening only last December and the DfE has said its choosing to prioritise improvements in the early years instead.

Updated guidance on school attendance
This week the DfE released updated non statutory school attendance guidance which provides information on pupil registers and attendance codes, the school day and school year, as well as information on interventions to address pupils’ poor attendance and behaviour at school.

Report recommends teaching religion and worldviews instead of RE
Two years ago, the Religious Education Council of England and Wales set up an independent commission amid growing concerns about the quality of RE lessons.  The Commission has now produced its report suggesting RE in England’s schools should be renamed Religion and Worldviews to reflect the diversity of modern Britain.

The new subject would allow pupils to study the different traditions of major religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism but alongside these they would also look at non-religious worldviews like humanism, secularism, atheism and agnosticism.  The DfE has said it will look into the report’s recommendations.