Nine new Teaching School Hubs announced – Friday 7 June 2019

This week I report on a pilot which will provide nine teaching school hubs to strengthen support to underperforming schools, the opening of a call for evidence on character and resilience and a letter sent to all schools regarding the outcome of a report from the Children’s Future Food Inquiry.

Announcement of nine new Teaching School Hubs
On 24 May, the DfE unveiled a £2 million pilot which will see nine teaching hubs set up across the county in an effort to “simplify and strengthen” how support is given to underperforming schools.

In a press release, the DfE invited “high performing schools” to apply to lead the hubs and offer “a new way to help struggling counterparts make the most of their resources, boost professional development opportunities for teachers, and recruit and retain staff”. The three-year programme designed to showcase best practice is expected to benefit 2,000 struggling schools, the Government has said.

The pilot teaching hubs will launch this Autumn with plans for teaching hubs to be rolled out nationally in 2020/21.

Call for Evidence on character and resilience
The DfE has opened a call for evidence on character and resilience. The deadline to complete the online form is 5 July 2019. The Character Advisory Group is seeking views on the development of character and resilience in young people from school and college staff, governors/trustees, young people, parents, carers and more.

School responsibilities around school food
Today the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families, Nadhim Zahawi MP, has written to all schools drawing their attention to the report from the Children’s Future Food Inquiry, which explored the food situation of disadvantaged children across the UK.

The letter highlights the following issues which were raised in the report, and encourages schools to consider whether they are doing all they can in these areas:

  • a positive lunchtime experience
  • avoiding stigma about entitlement to free school meals
  • access to free drinking water