Taking a well earned break – Friday 17 July 2020

A follow-up on dealing with uncertainty - Clear Vision Accountancy

This year has been one of the most challenging and unprecedented we have faced in education.  Schools closed to most pupils in March,  risk assessments were produced, volumes of updated guidance from the DfE were waded through and some year groups were welcomed back into school in June.

Most schools have now finalised their plans and risk assessments for a full return of all pupils in September with measures in place to keep everyone safe, so classrooms will probably resemble how they looked when I was at school in the late 1980’s – two students to a table, all facing the front!

Senior Leadership Teams and Governing bodies have risen to the challenge, worked extremely hard during this time and we’ve embraced virtual meetings, focused on critical business decisions and getting it right for our pupils, staff and local communities.

I expect we will face more challenges in the Autumn term and the summer break is needed to recharge everyone’s batteries.

So for now take care and see you all in our first Governing body meetings in the autumn term,