Welcome back – Friday 4 September 2020

This week I highlight the NGA’s guidance on continuity and recovery post Covid-19, their revised model Code of Conduct and Skills Audit and Matrix, publication of the latest version of KCSIE and an addendum to the DfE’s guidance on School Attendance.

Helpful NGA documents
The NGA has produced some guidance which you might find useful in preparation for your governing body meetings this term. The documents provide advice as well as suggested questions governors might want to consider.

The Continuity and Recovery document covers key considerations for monitoring the safe opening of schools, developing a recovery plan/strategic priorities, tips on virtual governance and resuming elections and other board business. Separate documents have been produced on monitoring the full school opening and reducing the impact of school closures on disadvantaged pupils.

The NGA has also refreshed its model Code of Conduct and Skills Audit and Matrix for the new academic year. Whilst the core content and substance are unchanged there have been some updates which I will share with you at our first governing body meetings this term. Accompanying guidance has also been produced for both documents.

Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2020)
A quick reminder that the latest version came into force on 1 September and I will be providing all governors with a copy of Part 1 as part of our first governing body meeting this term.

Addendum to DfE Attendance guidance
For this school year a new category has been added to record instances when a pupil is ‘not attending in circumstances relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) and the addendum provides advice on the application of code X.