Governor webinar on wellbeing within and beyond the school gates – Friday 25 June 2021

This week I report on a free governor webinar on wellbeing within and beyond the school gates and provide a roundup of the latest information from the DfE.

Free governor webinar on wellbeing within and beyond the school gates
Governors for Schools are offering a free webinar on wellbeing within and beyond the school gates: nutrition, sport, travel, and community on Thursday 1 July from 12-1pm. The webinar will explore broader aspects of physical activity and health within schools and their local communities; how pupils’ physical activity can be most effectively supported and sustained outside of the curriculum and classroom.

To register your attendance please use this link to go to the Governors for Schools website.

DfE news roundup
Speaking at the Festival of Education 2021 this week the Education Secretary set out his commitment to levelling up opportunities across the country for young people.  He outlined an upcoming review on the length of the school day and whether it affected outcomes as well as a consultation on banning mobile phones alongside other revisions to the behaviour and discipline and exclusions guidance later this year.

Facing questions from MPs on the Education Select Committee Gavin Williamson said next year’s A-levels and GCSEs in England were likely to face “adjustments” to be fairer to pupils disrupted by the pandemic. The expectation was that modified exams would run next year as well as planning for a full programme of primary assessments, including the introduction of the statutory Reception Baseline Assessment and the Multiplication Tables Check.

Mr Williamson has also confirmed that there is a plan for responding to a potential winter wave of Covid or a flu outbreak but hasn’t committed to publishing it in advance.  He reiterated that the DfE had published an updated Covid-19 contingency framework for schools the previous week, setting out what measures may be needed in response to local outbreaks.