Free governor webinar and upcoming conference – Friday 2 July 2021

This week I report on a free governor webinar on what governors need to know about peer-on-peer sexual abuse in schools, a Governors Conference taking place in September, confirmation of guidance expected from the Education Secretary for schools on plans to lift restrictions and bubbles, a DfE call for evidence on behaviour in schools and the opening of applications for the National Leaders of Governance programme.

Free governor webinar and conference
Webinar: What governors need to know about peer-on-peer sexual abuse in schools – Governors for Schools are offering this free webinar on 8 July from 8-9.00 a.m. It will explore Ofsted’s recent ‘rapid review’ of sexual abuse allegations in schools and colleges and key conclusions, the actions being considered as a result of the review, and the potential ramifications for schools with a particular focus on governance. To book your place use this link to go to their website.

Conference: Monday 20 to Friday 24 September 2021 – this first conference from Governors for Schools will have over 20 online sessions available to watch live, with key voices in the sector and expert panellists sharing their insight on all things governance. There will be sessions for both prospective and existing governors, as well as clerks, headteachers, and other school staff. Registration isn’t open yet but towards the end of July when the agenda and links to sign up to sessions become available I will email governors so that you don’t miss out.

Guidance on Covid restrictions expected from Education Secretary
On Wednesday, the Education Secretary stated that he expected to be able to confirm plans to lift restrictions and bubbles as part of step 4 of the Government’s Covid roadmap. However, it’s not known when the step 4 announcement will be made, although the new Health Secretary has said there is “no reason” for England’s remaining Covid restrictions to last beyond 19 July.

Once the decision was made guidance would be issued immediately to schools. Mr Williamson also confirmed the plan was for any changes to kick in for the summer holidays – meaning summer schools would not have to follow Covid restrictions.

DfE call for evidence on behaviour in schools
As anticipated this week the Education Secretary launched a call for evidence on behaviour in schools. Teachers, parents and other staff were invited for their views and policies on managing good behaviour, ahead of planned updates to Government guidance later this year on behaviour, discipline, suspensions and permanent exclusions. The six-week consultation seeks views on how schools maintain calm classrooms, the use of removal rooms and creating mobile phone-free school days, among other measures.

Applications now open for the National Leaders of Governance (NLG) programme
NLGs are expert trustees, governors and governance professionals who will deliver targeted DfE funded governance support to help secure effective governance in schools and trusts. The National Governance Association (NGA) is delivering the reformed NLG programme on behalf of the DfE. NLGs will be contracted to the NGA and paid a daily rate of £500. Deployments will be based on a set number of days, depending on board and deployment type. Applications are now welcomed from all who meet the criteria which you can review using this link.